Frequently Asked Questions

Online Orders & Shipping

• How long will my Activa Custom Pet Food order take to be delivered?

Once your order is received we will customize your food to your exact nutritional specifications for your dog or cat.  Nutritional supplements and oils will be added just before shipping to maximize the food’s freshness.  Orders are shipped once per day.   Once shipped, please allow 3-7 business days for delivery.

• What shipping options are available?

FedEx and the US Postal Service are our preferred shipping partners.

• What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Apple Pay & Google Pay.


• If I am new to Activa Custom Pet Food, how should I introduce it to my dog or cat?

We recommend a gradual switch, which takes about a week.  The following schedule has helped many dogs and cats make the switch.  

• Days 1-2: Introduce 3 parts old food and 1 part Activa Custom. 

• Days 3-4: Introduce 2 parts old food and 2 parts Activa Custom.

• Days 5-6:Introduce 1 part old food and 3 parts Activa Custom.

• Day 7+: Only feed Activa Custom. 

• Does Activa Custom Pet Food, contain grains?

Activa Custom Pet Food has three different lines in a variety of proteins.  The lines are Original, No Corn and Grain Free.  Grain Free is complete and balanced nutrition packed with protein formulated to address grain sensitivities and help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

• Does Activa Custom Pet Food, contain potatoes?

The Grain Free line has several formulas for dogs looking for food without potatoes.  Grain Free offers Rabbit and Oceanfish formulas with no potatoes.

• What do you recommend for a dog or cat that need some extra energy or have a working and active lifestyle?

Grain Free and Original are available in higher protein formulas that are ideal for working, active or athletic pets due to the higher caloric content.  Grain Free is available High Protein Chicken and Turkey as well as Oceanfish formulas.  Original is available in High Protein Meat & Bone.


In addition, Activa Custom Premium Oils provide an immediate source of fuel and energy, enhancing athletic performance and aiding weight loss.  Oils gently elevate metabolism, provide higher levels of energy and vitality, protect from illness and can speed healing.

• What does rotational feeding mean?

 Rotational feeding is intentionally switching your dog’s food on a schedule.  Typically people rotate between Activa Custom’s different protein sources to provide variety and reduce the risk of upset stomach when changing diets.


Activa Custom offers 10 different proteins which allows for an exceptional rotational feeding regimen.  If No Corn is the best Activa line for your dog, move from Goat to Rabbit to Lamb to provide the variety your dog needs without any digestion issues

• What is done to ensure the freshness in my pet’s food?

The process of manufacturing and distributing pet food results in the loss of key nutrients.  Each bag of Activa Custom is made fresh once requested.  This is to make sure the food maintains as much of its nutritional value as possible.  Any nutritional value that has been lost will be replenished by the Activa Custom process and the selections made.  Once your Activa has been created and customized, each bag is properly sealed, labeled and sent to you with as much nutrition and freshness as could be made possible.

• How is Activa Custom Pet Food made specifically for my pet?

Many factors determine a pet’s nutritional needs.  Factors such as size, lifestyle, breed, diet sensitivities, age, and habitat.  As a result, all pets are different and have unique nutritional needs.  Choose the Activa Custom line, protein, nutritional supplements, oils and flavors that are best for your pet.


• What if I am not satisfied with my Activa Custom Pet Food?

All Activa products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  If the product does not meet your satisfaction, please keep the package, the unused portion of the product and your receipt.  If the product was purchased at a retailer, please bring the package, product and receipt to the retailer so they can ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. If the product was purchased from Activa directly, you can reach out to us at or 915-595-2914 ext. 103 for a replacement product or a refund. 


Activa reserves the right to verify the information provided and to deny any Guarantee requests at its discretion in cases of suspected fraud or other instances of abuse of The Activa Satisfaction Guarantee.



If you have any questions regarding your subscriptions you can visit our subscriber page here: or reach out to us at and please include your subscription number.

Still Have Questions?

It would be our pleasure to hear from you.  Please reach out to us at or 915-595-2917 ext. 103